Whether you’re new to the project or just curious what is next, it may be helpful to understand the various priorities of the project. Here’s our best attempt at a roadmap, but please understand that time estimates are especially flexible given the volunteer nature of the project.

Last Updated: November 2018

2019 Roadmap

Our biggest priorities for 2018 are:

  • 2019 session / election switchover - Q1
  • new - Q1/Q2
  • vote data quality push (tools/scraper fixes/etc.) - Q2/Q3
  • gathering full text & full text search - Q2/Q3
  • API v2 Improvements - ongoing

We may also find time to tackle:

  • notifications
  • evaluation of people scraper transition plans

2017-2018 Roadmap Version 2
The existing still relies on our old database & outdated processes, we’re planning a complete visual refresh as part of the overhaul to move off the old system. This will likely be a focus in 2019.
API v2
See API v2.
New Admin / Data Quality Tools
We spent a good part of 2017 & 2018 working on new data quality tools to reflect the reality of not having paid staff working on these issues. This was the focus of our Google Summer of Code projects, but eventually we had to go in another direction. We changed course, and rolled out the new repo and will be adding a public-facing dashboard soon.
redo geo server
done in January 2018, for updated Census files & better reliability

Our biggest task through 2017, conversion of our scrapers to the Open Civic Data format & new standardized tooling.