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Changelog for Open States GraphQL API:

v2.6 (March 2021)

  • added preliminary support for federal jurisdiction
  • added Jurisdiction.classification node
  • Jurisdictions are now filterable by classification (municipal, state, country)

v2.5 (July 2020)

  • added Jurisdiction.lastScrapedAt, openstates/issues#32

v2.4 (April 2020)

  • removed unused fields from graph (organization.links, organization.other_names)

v2.3 (August 2019)

  • add experimental full text search via searchQuery parameter to bills node

v2.2 (June 2019)

  • add openstatesUrl to bills query
  • speed improvments

v2.1 (Feb 2019)

  • fix lat-lon behavior to limit to active memberships
  • improve handling of retired legislators
  • fix type of maximum_memberships
  • bill version ordering is now consistent

v2.0 (January 2019)

  • bugfix for maximum_memberships type
  • bugfix for versions field
  • improve tests

Beta Release (November 2018)

  • API Keys are now required
  • consider classification when using current_memberships
  • fix geo filtering
  • add openstatesUrl to Bill node for ease of linkage to
  • add Person.oldMemberships as analog to currentMemberships
  • add actionSince filter to bills node
  • fix 500 errors/optimization when using GraphQL fragments
  • addition of basic protection for excessive queries
  • add totalCount to assist in pagination
  • add Organization.currentMemberships

Preview Release 1 (May 2018)

  • fix for people pagination
  • add updatedSince for people
  • add sponsor argument for bills node
  • allow votes to take pagination parameters
  • allow traversing to votes from person

Preview Release 0 (Dec 2017)

Initial draft release of the API, no backwards-compatibility guarantee made.

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